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**Listen 2 Sounds 4rm  "Burn Or Save?,"  Bangin & AVAILABLE NOW

***** The songs on "Burn Or Save?" include -- (catalog number - RNC0002) *****

  • Big Light (1st verse)file is .mp3

  • When The Doors R Closed (last verse)file is .mp3

  • Alternative Punky Day (1st verse)file is .mp3

  • Yippee O (1st verse & Violin solo)file is .mp3

  • J-us (last part & violin solo)file is .mp3

    **Sounds 4rm  "L L L L L,"  AVAILABLE ****

    ***** The songs on L L L L L include -- (catalog number - RNC0001) *****

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    From the CD/Tape - Hello Lovers Roger Nusic Here For You Only

    Hello Lovers.... 40k 8-bit mono .au

    Can I Come In and See You?105k 8-bit mono .au